Pedestrian Bridges Fabrication

There’s an old saying that a bridge is a metaphor for everything in life. But pedestrian bridge manufacturing isn’t just a metaphor—it’s a real skill for the professionals at Fabritex. Our skilled workers bring decades of experience to their work at Fabritex building pedestrian and utility bridges along with other design and metal fabrication projects.

Utility and Pedestrian Bridge Manufacturing

As a custom utility bridge manufacturer, Fabritex can design, plan, and fabricate pedestrian and utility bridges to fit any size, space, or span. For considerable distances that must be bridged, steel utility bridge sections can be fabricated and then spliced together. Pedestrian bridges can serve both aesthetic and utilitarian purposes. Pedestrian bridges can be manufactured strictly for function. In recent years, however, well-designed pedestrian bridges have become striking symbols of their settings, such as in a campus setting of a university or healthcare facility. When manufactured with weathering steel, pedestrian bridges can reveal a protective coating over time to enhance the appearance and durability of the design. Each project is examined carefully to determine the most efficient and most effective materials and processes for the client’s overall needs, and the professionals at Fabritex bring their decades of experience to the table in making this determination. For example, steel utility bridges are often standard in many settings. Galvanized steel is a regularly used material in the construction of utility bridges that Fabritex produces for equipment and people. However, in certain scenarios, such as for particular maintenance utility bridge applications, aluminum is an appropriate material choice to meet the customer’s design specifications.

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Custom Utility Bridge Manufacturer

Fabritex was established in 1989—20 years ago. Our team of professionals brings those decades of experience to the table with every custom utility bridge manufacturing project, from design to completion. Our processes and equipment are integrated to bring the highest degree of quality and efficiency to each client’s project (and budget). Contact us today to get started on your quote. We can go from quote to production in an astonishingly fast time to meet even your most demanding production needs.

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