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Structural Steel Fabrication

A single-source solution for structural steel fabrication services, Fabritex has been the go-to choice for over 25 years, no matter the project size or complexity. We are AISC certified for simple bridges and steel structures.

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We specialize in Tube, Sheet Metal and Plate fabrication. No job is too small or too large. Contact us today to request a quote!

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Over the past quarter-century, we have built a reputation as solid as the parts we manufacture. It’s our pleasure to bring our vision and experience to serve our customers’ needs across the spectrum, no matter how large or small.

The Fabritex advantage is one that includes a commitment to the full lifespan of our customers’ projects – from concept to completion. To that end, we have established our leadership within the structural fabrication industry. As expert structural steel fabricators, we value the skill and experience our employees bring and by regularly ensure they have the support needed to continue increasing their knowledge base, honing in their skills, and maintaining vital industry certifications.

No matter your needs with our 110,000 sq. ft. plant and diverse array of equipment, we can swiftly take your project to completion efficiently and effectively.

Replacement Parts

In addition to heavy structural fabrication, our team specializes in replacement parts for temporary event structures. This includes replacement parts for event tents used for golf courses, concerts, and many other event types. We can fabricate your parts quickly, even reverse engineer if needed, and can ship in-stock parts to you the very next day.

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Fabritex's Structural Steel Fabrication

custom structural fabrication

Structural metal fabrication can include a surprising array of projects, and it’s important to partner with a provider that understands your unique needs.

With our certifications, experience, and equipment, Fabritex specializes in the structural fabrication of heavy-duty, large scale steel projects, especially I-beam structures and steel trusses backed by the confidence instilled via the prestigious AISC certification.

We take a full-picture perspective of every project we work on, from quoting quickly and accurately to incorporating any necessary updates with the utmost in speed and precision – advantages granted by having a one-stop-shop staffed with engineers who are certified in all 50 states and by having a sophisticated suite of tools including both Solid Works, CAD/CAM software and Visual Manufacturing ERP.

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