Custom Built Steel Structures

For nearly 30 years companies have turned to Fabritex as their go-to source for custom steel structures and assemblies. Whether your custom structure needs are large or small, our team is committed to crafting a perfectly customized, totally efficient solution for your needs.

Custom Structures & Assemblies

Our manufacturing capabilities for custom steel structures start with an 110,000 square foot design and production facility boasting an impressive suite of tools, including both Solid Works, CAD/CAM software and Visual Manufacturing ERP. In addition to our design tools, we are pleased to work with the most precise and efficient equipment for your requirements, such as CNC laser cutting equipment and a robotic welder. This yields exceptional efficiency and precision in producing custom structures and assemblies, allowing us to exceed your expectations with exceptional service, precision, and efficiency. 

We take pride in being leaders in the metal fabrication industry, and with our experience fabricating custom structures and assemblies for a variety of applications, we can take your projects from concept to completion seamlessly and without unnecessary delays.

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We specialize in Tube, Sheet Metal and Plate fabrication. No job is too small or too large. Contact us today to request a quote!

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At Fabritex, our specializations include tube, sheet metal, and plate fabrication, all of which can come together in crafting custom structures for our customers’ needs. Our commitment to working flexibly and efficiently starts from the earliest days – we produce quotes and concept projects rapidly, and our processes are honed to allow us to incorporate revisions on the fly.  We have engineers certified in all 50 states to ensure we meet your requirements with a full commitment to accuracy and efficiency.

Customized Structure Fabrication

Let Fabritex simplify your next custom structure fabrication project from the moment you contact us to begin your quote. Reach out to our team to begin your quote request today.

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