Wire Carrier Fabrication

Fabritex is the one-stop solution for your wire carrier fabrication needs, no matter the size or complexity of your project.

Custom Industrial Wire Carriers

Fabritex has created an ultra-efficient, highly streamlined request process to make it as simple as possible to go from an idea to a finished wire carrier product. We design, manufacture, ship, and inventory carriers for virtually any and all types of uses. We produce more than 200 types of wire carrier systems and keep many standard sizes in stock, if requested. We offer standard and special carriers in many paint finishes as well as stainless steel for annealing furnaces. Paint finishes are available for the tops of the carrier only or the entire unit. Using various colors for different carriers can be used to identify certain carriers from other wire mills or identify the size wire using a different color top. We can also create wire inventory solutions for your high-volume needs.

Wire Carrier Applications

Wire carriers can be used for a broad range of applications.


  • Storage
  • Internal use for transferring larger coils to wire draw lines
  • Transportation
  • Annealing

Wire Coiling Baskets

 Another term for Stem Packs, wire coiling baskets offer additional protection and enhanced storage features. Fabritex is equipped to handle built-to-order and fully customized stem pack fabrication for wire carriers, including those for every major OEM down coiler. Stem packs and related components are manufactured from carbon steel, stainless steel or aluminum. Using more advanced CNC equipment allows us to offer a competitive price and maintain the highest quality standards.

For more information, visit our Stem Pack page.

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Industrial Wire Carrier Materials 

When deciding which material is ideal for your custom manufactured wire carriers the most common factors to consider include the weight of the wire being stored, and the environment the carriers will be exposed to. Typically, these factors can be solved with carbon steel, aluminum or stainless steel.

Often times, we see that the required material for custom and stock wire carriers will be determined by whether the carrier is being used for shipping, annealing, storage, or other applications.

  • Shipping Carriers balance the need to support the needed weight of wire with the lowest possible cost. For this need we see clients use Carbon Steel.
  • Internal Use Carriers are more robustly made with larger thicker tubing or pipe, with bracing to allow for multiple uses and in some cases tipping from a horizontal to vertical payoff.
  • Annealing Carriers depend on the heat at which they are running to and dwell times. Typically we see clients choose Stainless Steel for these products, or sometimes Carbon steel made from pipe that is larger diameter and thicker wall to allow for multiple runs through the plant. They will also typically air cool or quench the carrier and the wire in an oil or water bath which would then require stainless steel.
  • Stem Packs are essentially Annealing Carriers for larger capacities of wire. When using a carbon or aluminum wire or carbon steel wire dictates the type of stem pack or annealing carrier required.

Available Dimensions for Custom and Stock Wire Carriers

In addition to an available range of in-stock wire carriers, Fabritex is able to create custom solutions for your specific bulk material storage needs. We stock many sizes for blanket POs please inquire with us today of a size you need. We also carry a large inventory of mill length tubing in various ODs and thickness we can pull, fabricate and ship in a short period of time.

Base Shapes

We offer a range of standard base shapes for wire carriers. We can also manufacture any base shape to customer preferences for a more tailored solution.

Common base shapes we manufacture:

  • Square
  • Circular
  • Clover
  • Star

Sizes & Dimensions

The most important measurements of bulk wire carriers apply to the arbor, base, and height of the carrier. As an experienced fabricator of high-quality industrial bulk wire carriers, we are able to meet almost any required size or dimension.

Typically, we service sizes that range from:

  • Arbor: 10-inch OD – 70 inches or more
  • Base: 19 inches to 96 or more
  • Height: 12 inches to 120 or more

Available Tube Diameters

Usually for these this product we see that the tube diameter will be determined by the wire-holding capacity the client wishes to meet. A larger tube diameter and thicker wall will allow the wire carrier to bear heavier weights and therefore heavier gauge wires or simply a higher volume of material.

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Custom Wire Carrier Design Process

With a team of engineers who hold certifications from all 50 states, it is no wonder that Fabritex is able to fabricate the exact wire carrier needed, no matter the specifications your project demands.  From the very moment, we get your request for a quote through the design phase, incorporating needed revisions and creating the final production run, our goal is to finish your project as efficiently and accurately as possible. Our tools include Solid Works, CAD/CAM software, and Visual Manufacturing ERP, in addition to CNC Tube Benders, laser cutting CNC equipment and a robotic welder.

Here at Fabritex, our knowledgeable staff and extensive equipment allow us to provide a truly singular custom design process. We offer a hands-on experience where you can work directly with our team to create wire carriers to your exact specifications. We have created so many custom designs for our clients over the years, that the possible configurations are almost endless. We have experience creating vertical payoff carriers, horizontal payoff systems which require bracing and larger and thicker tube, and even some wire carrier systems that start horizontally and then turn up vertically.

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The Fabritex Advantage

From the moment we receive a request for a quote to the moment the project is completed, we view each project as one worthy of bringing a commitment to our utmost excellence. We work to prepare our team to complete every customer’s project flawlessly by ensuring that our employees are well experienced and have regular opportunities for ongoing education and training in their fields. Our team of engineers holds certifications in all 50 states to ensure compliance with any specific regulations at every stage of production. This is all to ensure that our tubular wire carriers are the best available.

One of the most exciting parts of our strategic advantage is our 110,000 sq. ft. plant and a range of equipment including a robotic welder and bending equipment. This gives us the ability to complete projects in-house without unnecessary delays.  

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