Wire Carrier Systems & Accessories

Fabritex has numerous solutions for wire carrier systems and cable carrier accessories.


Fabritex wire carrier systems and wire carrier accessories are designed, fabricated, and delivered to support our customers’ diverse specifications and demanding applications. Our proven solutions provide our clients with the utmost in reliability, durability, and predictability, leading to improved efficiency and effectiveness.

Cable Carrier Accessories

Whatever your wire carrier systems specifications and accessory needs, Fabritex brings over 20 years of experience in design and fabrication, leading to flawless execution and delivery of your project from start to finish. Our cable carrier accessories are designed to work as part of your overall cable carrier system to enhance stability while protecting against hazards like debris or other forms of damage.

Wire Carrier Accessories

Fabritex wire carrier accessories—such as wire support trays—are also designed to provide long-term durability of the wire carrier system. A variety of cable and wire carrier accessories can be customized for your specific needs, including aluminum crossbars for torsional stability, extenders for additional cavity height, rollers to create a low-friction mechanical wear surface, cavity separators, sleeves to protect cables and wires, and blocks, among other specialized accessories.

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Why Fabritex?

Any number of metal fabrication businesses can promise the ability to make a given part. Fabritex brings together the unique combination of state-of-the-art equipment, employees with a commitment to continuing education to remain at the top of their fields, and the tools needed to take a project from concept to completion with a staggering array of design and production equipment.

Fabritex can produce one-off items and full production runs without the need for substantial amounts of preparation time. The efficiency afforded by this one-stop-shop also ensures that your project is completed on time and on budget.

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