Portable & Temporary Warehouse Structures

What if a warehouse isn’t just a space to store things – but a tool that can be leveraged to support and streamline your entire business operations? Fabritex temporary warehouse structures can be one link in the chain supporting your business to run at maximum efficiency.

Fabritex – The Utmost in Temporary Steel Warehouse Manufacturers

Our temporary warehouse structures are custom designed for each client’s unique specifications, using materials such as aluminum extrusions and steel component parts. While these structures are considered temporary, they are often used for long-term storage by our clients, such as businesses that rent out event tents.

As a business that supports clients and other businesses through the design and manufacturing of structural steel and other metal components across a vast array of industries, Fabritex understands the different ways a well-designed warehouse can support a business. This deep knowledge informs the design and manufacturing process, as we understand that your warehouse isn’t just a place to hold stuff. It’s a critical part of your operation that must be designed and built in such a way that it streamlines your processes and allows you to optimize your efficiency.

Temporary warehouse structures and portable warehouse buildings are incredibly fast to construct and can be built on a variety of different surfaces. Fabritex temporary steel warehouses are designed to eliminate interior support posts, meaning they have wide, open spaces for the most efficient movement within the structure.

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Why Fabritex? 

Fabritex has over 20 years in the metal fabrication business across a wide variety of industries. This experience is leveraged on behalf of each and every client we serve, no matter how big or small the project size is. Each project receives the benefit of our expertise and experience – not to mention our 110,000 square foot facility with state-of-the-art equipment that covers all facets of the manufacturing process for temporary warehouse structures. 

Fabritex is the clear standout among temporary steel warehouse manufacturers – contact us today to begin getting your own customized quote. See how the Fabritex advantage can be leveraged on behalf of your business today.

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