Steel Wire Carriers

Stem Packs for every major OEM high speed continuous down coiler.

Stem Pack Fabrication

Fabritex is equipped to handle built-to-order and fully customized stem pack fabrication for wire carriers, including those for every major OEM down coiler. Stem packs and related components are manufactured from carbon steel. Using more advanced CNC equipment allows us to offer a competitive price and maintain the highest quality standards. Whether it is replacement stems or installing a new line, we are here to meet your needs and assist you in making the best decision possible. You get experience, lean manufacturing, continually improved processes, and a competitive price that is second to none.

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Stem Wire Carrier

How Fabritex Ensures Top Value

You might read “fully customized” and wonder what that does to the price of a project. Fabritex employs a number of strategies to be able to provide the most efficient process for each customer’s project, keeping costs manageable and production predictable. Having been in the wire carrier and stem pack business for over 15 years, Fabritex has the experience of having designed, manufactured, shipped, and inventoried carriers and stem packs for almost any kind of industrial use that can be imagined. If your needs are for replacement stems or for installing a new line, Fabritex has the breadth of experience and equipment needed to ensure your project is completed on budget and on time.

Our 110,000-square-foot plant is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for each phase from design and planning to project execution. This ensures flexibility and reliability at each step of the way from concept to completion. Additionally, it allows us to meet any customer’s needs, from one-off projects to full-scale production runs of thousands of pieces.

Stem Packs for Steel Structures

Started in 1989, Fabritex maintains certification in top-quality standards and processes to this day. Clients return to us regularly. Whether you need stem packs for steel structures that meet and exceed the industry’s exacting quality standards or some other specialized steel component, you can be confident that our experienced professionals at Fabritex can manufacture stem packs, spiders, and other related materials. Contact us today to get your fully customized quote.

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