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How important is it that Fabritex has spanned 30 years in the sheet metal and plate fabrication industry?

Steel Sheet Metal & Plate Fabrication

It tells a story of impeccable integrity, superlative skill, and a commitment to customer satisfaction that is unparalleled in the sheet metal fabrication industry. Along with the most solid of structures, we’ve crafted a quality reputation that is equally as important to us as the products we make and the projects we work with our clients on across multiple industries and government programs.

We consider each client’s needs not only as their project but as our project, too. By taking ownership of our role in our clients’ work, we know that both their success and ours are at stake, every step of the way.


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We specialize in Tube, Sheet Metal and Plate fabrication. No job is too small or too large. Contact us today to request a quote!

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From our ½ inch shear to the laser or plasma tables, our sheet metal and plate fabrication boasts the latest CNC equipment for all fabrication needs.

Our full-spectrum approach to sheet metal and plate fabrication starts from the very beginning of a project and the initial request for a quote. We take pride in preparing an accurate quote quickly, so attention can be turned to coming up with a concept, prototyping, and production. Whether your needs are for a one-off item or a full production run, and no matter if your project requires services such as laser cutting, welding, and bending; our processes have been created to be as efficient as possible for your sheet metal and plate fabrication needs.

One of the ways we’re able to expedite the process of getting a project from design to completion is by understanding the regulatory environment of every state our customers may need to build in. Our staff includes engineers who are certified in all 50 states and regularly keep their skills and professional education up to date. The equipment and processes in our 111,000 square foot plant includes a laser table, brake press, robotic welders, and milling machines to ensure we can meet our clients’ needs from concept to completion.

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