Replacement Parts for Steel Buildings

The highly skilled team at Fabritex has been creating solutions (and missing parts) for customers for nearly 30 years.  Our customers include many repeat customers across industries including agriculture, aviation, construction, and more. We provide replacement parts for our H-Series and L-Series but are able to make custom parts as well. Click the below to find parts for each series or learn more about our custom parts.

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We specialize in Tube, Sheet Metal and Plate fabrication. No job is too small or too large. Contact us today to request a quote!

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How Fabritex Expedites the Replacement Part Fabrication Process

One of the simplest ways we speed the creation of your missing or damaged part is by making it faster for you to get through the processes of ordering through production. The sooner you get your quote, the sooner you can get the part you need. Our quote process is fast – whether you need a single part or a hundred.

Once your project moves out of the quote phase and into production, our team of professionals is ready to spring into action on your behalf. From design to revision to production, we work quickly to get you a suitable replacement part for your temporary event structure with no headaches along the way.

Our 110,000 square foot production facility boasts an impressive array of design and production equipment, including Solid Works CAD/CAM software, Visual Manufacturing ERP, laser CNC cutting equipment, and a robotic welder. Combining these with the impressive experience and training of our people means that your parts can be produced efficiently and with minimum hassle.

Don’t have a part number? No problem. Our engineering professionals can even reverse engineer the part you need via custom order, and even have it ready to ship out to you the very next day.

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