COVID-19 Temporary Storage & Testing Solutions

Fabritex temporary structures for emergency operations provide turnkey solutions. This means that your temporary structure will have all the equipment needed for your structure to be up and running as quickly as needed, whether it’s being used for Coronavirus testing, to create a temporary administration building or headquarters for your relief effort, maintenance space, or other needs for your emergency operations.

Changing Business Needs in the Wake of COVID-19

During these unprecedented times coping with the COVID-19 outbreak, businesses are finding themselves needing to adapt in entirely new ways. Staying on your feet and remaining flexible in this volatile economy has become paramount. Here at Fabritex, we want to be the reliable resource that works alongside your company to create a custom solution for your ever-changing business needs. Above all we want you to know that in this volatile time, we are here to support you in any way we can.

Temporary Storage for Increased Production

In the past few weeks, our clients have expressed an increased need for temporary storage structures which house resources and supplies to meet the new market demands. Our temporary warehouse structures are custom designed for each client’s unique specifications, using materials such as aluminum extrusions and steel component parts. While these structures are considered temporary, they are often used for long-term storage by our clients. They offer flexibility, quality, and stability while being cost-efficient alternatives to permanent structures.

As a business that supports clients and other businesses through the design and manufacturing of structural steel and other metal components across a vast array of industries, Fabritex understands the different ways a well-designed warehouse can support a business. Our team is encouraged to obtain regular continuing professional education to stay on top of quality standards and new developments in their areas of expertise. Because of this we are particularly qualified to consult with you and your team to fit the exact needs of your business as well as continually modify your temporary storage solution as your needs change in the coming months.

Temporary Structures for Medical Relief and Coronavirus Testing Operations

Emergency response crews require structures that are sturdy, flexible, and reliable, not to mention that the structures must be able to be assembled and disassembled quickly in a variety of circumstances, often adverse. With the rapid expansion of Coronavirus testing in temporary locations, and hospitals being pushed to capacity, temporary structures can be the ideal solution.

Our production capabilities allow us to create customized temporary structures and frames, along with replacement component parts, both standard and custom-crafted. One of our most exciting offerings is the quick turnaround we can offer when it comes to reworking reclaimed structural members, and our products can be integrated with Hocker, Roder, and Losberger components.

Get started developing the customized solution your organization needs to provide relief and support in a variety of emergency situations. Contact Fabritex today for your fast-customized quote.

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