Athletic Building Structures

Fabritex provides aluminum extrusion and structural fabrication specific to sports & recreation applications.

Sports & Recreational Buildings

Fabritex provides aluminum extrusion and structural fabrication specific to sports & recreation applications. From indoor swimming pool enclosures to ice-skating arenas, we utilize Solid Works, CAD/CAM software and precision machining equipment to create custom structures and assemblies for temporary or permanent structures. As an expert in metal fabrication, our structures can meet the needs for your specific sporting or recreational building.

Types of Athletic Structures

Pool Enclosures

With extensive experience in the fabrication of pool enclosures, from community pools for lap swim to swimming pools for professional meets, Fabritex can complete your project. Pool enclosures require the ability to withstand high moisture environments and water damage, as well as the ability to control temperature and natural light. Our state-of-the-art equipment helps us meet these standards.

Skating Arenas

Fabritex provides a cost-effective approach to ice arena structural fabrication. We are able to meet extensive space requirements in both height and width for maximum playing space, as well as cold temperature and other extreme environmental conditions that can affect the quality and insulation of a structure.

Tennis Structures

Fabritex can create custom structures for tennis. Tennis buildings require top-notch ventilation to ensure clean and dry air for year-round play. Like ice arenas, tennis structures have large playing space and clearance requirements for better playing performance. Our structures can be customized for a variety of different spaces, sure to meet customer’s needs.

Golf Structures

Fabritex offers cost-efficient and durable golf course buildings, from spectator structures to golf cart warehousing facilities. With our CNC, CAD programs, and other precision equipment, we can fabricate structures on soil, grass, and other common golf course foundations. Additionally, the customizable structures allow natural sunlight in for a brighter interior.

Equestrian Buildings

From Breeder’s Cup Triple Decker stands and structures to a variety of other equestrian facilities and metal barns, Fabritex has experience building custom permanent and temporary structures.

There is no limit to the type of athletic and recreational building that we fabricate. If you have a specific sport building application you would like to inquire about, contact us for more information!

Features of Fabritex Athletic & Recreational Buildings

  • Flexible
  • Durable
  • Stable
  • Cost-Efficient
  • State-of-the-art Equipment (CNC, CAD, laser, robotic welders, etc.)

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