Steel Aircraft & Blimp Hangars

Fabritex steel aircraft hangars are designed and created for a variety of uses for both traditional aircraft and blimps.

Aircraft & Blimp Hangars

Our hangar structures are fabricated in-house and can be used for permanent and temporary use. Fabritex's steel aircraft hangars feature clear span framing to accommodate aircrafts of all sizes. Our customers range from a variety of industries such as military, construction, engineering, mining and agriculture. As leaders in metal fabrication, we’re grateful to our customers for recognizing our commitment to quality, efficiency, and precision in every project we support, whether it’s for a single product or large production run.

The Fabritex Experience

From the moment a customer requests a quote through every step of the production process, the team at Fabritex seeks to elevate each customer’s experience. To create a simplified, streamlined flow for even the most complex projects, we employ a team of engineers with a depth and breadth of experience that separates us from our competition. In fact – we take pride in ensuring that our engineers possess certifications to cover all 50 states. This means that no matter where your project starts or finishes, there won’t be any unnecessary delays due to the regulatory environment.

As a company, we maintain the most stringent certifications in our industry, including AISC certification, demonstrating our dedication to quality and to fully transparent processes.

Our Production Facilities

One of the key ways we bring efficiency to the aircraft hangar and blimp hanger production process is by having the equipment and tools needed to keep projects in-house every step of the way. From our CAD and CAM software to our CNC laser cutting equipment and robotic welder, your project remains in-house from concept to completion. Contact us today to get your quote started.

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