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Wire Carriers

We’ve been in the wire carrier business for nearly 15 years. We design, manufacture, ship, and inventory carriers for virtually any and all types of uses. We produce MORE THAN 200 TYPES OF CARRIERS and keep many standard sizes in stock if requested. We offer standard and special carriers in many paint finishes as well as galvanized steel for annealing furnaces. We can also inventory for your high-volume needs.

Annealing Carriers

We build many varieties of batch annealing stem packs and frames, tubular wire and rod carriers, and other high temperature solutions. Larger and more custom designed solutions can be prepared for rod lines and pickling operations. If you need to stack, or require bracing with plate or tubing we have the solution to your annealing needs. We continue to grow in this area as it deals with the unique and demanding requirements of each new customer’s application.

Stem Packs

We build to order Stem Packs for every major OEM high speed continuous down coiler. Fabritex also builds custom stem packs. Using more advanced CNC equipment allows us to give the customer a competitive price and maintain the highest quality standards. You get experience, lean manufacturing, continually improved processes, and a competitive price that is second to none. Whether it is replacement stems or installing a new line, we are here to meet your needs and assist you in making the best decision possible.


Fabritex has a wide variety of accessories for the wire Industry that will save your company time and money.