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Engineering Technology: Solid Works v 2008, AutoCAD Mechanical 2004,
Sigma Nest 8., Gibbs 2008

Tube and Pipe Bending: CNC Tube benders bends up to 3.00” diameter and 2.00” inches rectangle, CNC muti-head bending system that processes cut tubing into ready to weld wire carrier components.

Profile Roll: Powerfull, Hydraulic Double Initial Pinch CPHV-70 Flats Hard 2-3/4″, Pipe Schedule 40 2.00″, Angle 2-1/2″, Operates both Horizontal AND Vertical

Laser Cutting: LVD, 2000 watt power for material up to .50” X 48.00” X 96.0

Robotic Welders: 2004 Lincoln and 2005 OTC

Plasma/Oxy CNC Cutting: ESAB 200 Amp Plasma cuts up to 1-1/2” plasma and oxy fuel up to 6 inches, 12.0’ X 24.0’ bed.

High Speed CNC Tube Cut-Off Saw: Material up to 25.0’ long. Programs to cut two different lengths in same piece of tubing 2002 model machine. Fully automatic re-cut machine, Semi-automatic Hyd-Mech Band saws capable of miters from 5/8″ to 12″ rounds and squares

Ironworker: 2004 120 ton Piranha Iron Worker

Pyramid Plate Rolling: Eagle plate bender rolls cylinders and arcs 10.00” in diameter on up 10 foot at a width of 8.0ft X 0.375” thickness.

Bending: 250 ton AccuPress CNC Press Break on a 12 foot bed with sectional dies & 200 tons HTC Manual Press on a 12.0’ bed.

Certified Welders: Meet all requirements of AWS D1.1 Structural Steel Code for welders in MIG, Stick, TIG, & Flux.

Resistance Welders: 150 KVA.

Finishing: Electrostatic and Conventional Wet Painting with a drying oven.

Milling: Haas “Tool Room” Mill

Shear: HACO ½ inch shear on a 10 ft bed with NC back gauge

Welding Certifications: Our welders meet all the requirements of AWS D1.1 Structural Steel Code.  Areas of Qualification: MIG, TIG Flux and Stick in the Flat, Horizontal & Vertical for thickness from 0.125 to 0.50