Wire Carriers

Fabritex designs and manufactures more than 200 types of carriers for virtually any and all types of uses.  We offer standard and special carriers in many paint finishes as well as galvanized steel for annealing furnaces.  Many standard sizes are stocked and we can also inventory for your high-volume needs.

The Future of Fabrication

From concept to creation, Fabritex melds decades of expertise with cutting edge technology. Click here to see how the magic happens. Fabrication. Technology. FABRITEX. We bring your vision to life!


Fabritex implements an array of state-of-the-art and cutting edge technologies. From expert personel and leading engineering applications to tube benders, plasma cutters and robotic welders… Fabritex has the right tool and the best team for the job.

The Facility

Fabritex boasts 110,000 square feet of production and storage.  That’s nearly 2 football fields of creative space aimed at the success of your project.  We’ve made saddles for camels and hangars for military transports.  There is no limit to the power of Fabritex.

The Facility

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